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ELECTRIC PLUSA whole lot more.

                                                                             An authorized  Guardian Elite Dealer.



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No more power outages, never be cold  again!!!

Imagine your life without power. The essentials you rely on and the conveniences you've become accustomed to are suddenly gone. No lights, no heat, no air conditioning. No sump pump to keep your basement dry. The food in your refrigerator will spoil.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We don't just sell generators, we sell peace of mind.
Our professional staff is with you from the first call to final installation, unlike Generac generator resellers we are a full service company and specialize in Generac residential applications and commercial applications.

1. We consistently Beat the Prices of other installation companies.
2. We are Generac Certified Technicians. We take pride that we do everything in-house. Your purchase of the generator is only the first step in the fast process.
3. Fast and professional installation. Most of our installations can be completed in one day.
4. We've already done the research for you. There are many companies touting the best generators, but Generac is simply the best in the market.
5. Customers are always telling us they are amazed at our level of customer service.
6.We offer our GOLD MAINTENANCE PROGRAM, which is unique to the home standby market. This is so we can monitor and maintain the health of your generator year round, so you'll know it'll work when you need it most.